Elemental Rocks and Herbs is a brick-and-mortar store in Dawsonville since 2020, providing holistic and alternative therapies - handcrafted herbal and medicinal tea, all-natural skincare (for beards, hair, skin, and dogs), unique gifts, smudging, and cleansing items. The energy at Elemental is so welcoming that sometimes our customers come in just to feel it and to de-stress.
Our products are sourced from wildcrafting, fair trade, and ethically conscious wholesalers, locally-made goods, and one-of-a-kind artisan-made jewelry pieces. We have classes, workshops, yoga, and some amazing energy workers.

Elemental is owned by Nicole Bowen-Wiley is here to help you find what you are looking for with top-notch customer service. We carry a large variety of products including crystals, jewelry, candles, soap and bath bombs, tea bombs, incense, herbs, resins, aromatherapy, pendulums, and singing bowls.

Plain and simple, Elemental Rocks and Herbs is an apothecary boutique/store. This means we are an herbal store, a spiritual store, a crystal store, and an amazing gift store. It is a safe haven for customers to talk about absolutely anything without anyone thinking they are crazy and a place to get cosmically connected with others who have shared similar experiences. 


Elemental and Crushed Botanicals are here for you and have always been here just for you.

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Image by Studio Kealaula