Elemental Rocks and Herbs is an apothecary, consultation space, and classroom.  

Nicole loves welcoming people to her store and also travels around North Georgia and beyond, for functional medicine health coaching, herbal consultations, and teaching. With a focus on self and community empowerment, Nicole is passionate about integrating traditional ways of healing with modern science to offer individualized care for the whole person. She is committed to making holistic healthcare accessible to all and to teaching practical home and nature-based self-care skills.

Nicole teaches workshops about plants, herbal medicine, holistic wellness, and living in rhythm with nature.  She hosts classes at Elemental Rocks and Herbs, other Dawson County venues, and herb conferences.

Nicole’s practice is rooted in deepening the connection to self, community, and nature. She wholeheartedly believes that trusting our intuition is the most important gift we can give ourselves.  Nicole is committed to supporting people to hear that voice, listen and act accordingly. Bio-regional plant medicine, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, and customized herbal formulas are some of the modalities that Nicole has woven into her practice.


In addition to our Crushed Botanicals line of extracts, tinctures, compounds, salves, and oils, we carry top-rated supplements, cruelty-free and organic bath & body products, a great selection of tea, and smudging products. We have a good selection of culinary bulk herbs that cannot be found in supermarkets. We offer fine botanical skincare + herbal apothecary goods, loose-leaf herbal teas, loose herbs, and natural crystals & potions.

Elemental Rocks and Herbs have researched different methods of historical and herbal healing practices from their Native American roots to the apothecary. Each of our products from our herbal teas to apothecary is meticulously made by our own hands in small batches. Our infused oil batches are started during the New Moon and extracted during a Full Moon with close adherence to basic principles of herbalism and energetic properties of the seasonal calendar months. We are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through our adventures and we work with Nature to provide you with the goods you need to support your Mind, Body, and Soul.

At Elemental Rocks and Herbs, you will find a range of indulgent handmade soap, natural skincare, and luxurious bath and body products. We have creamy sugar scrubs, scalp scrubs, facial masks, organic skincare, body oils, body lotions, whipped butter, bath bombs, and balms for dry skin for the entire family. Through extensive research, we also offer tinctures and extracts for a healing alternative to traditional medicine that may work

All of our skin-loving bath and body products and artisan soaps are palm oil-free, paraben-free, and all of our products are fair trade sourced if not local to Georgia. 



Image by Sarah Brown
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