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Crushed Botanicals Apothecary

At Elemental Rocks and Herbs we want to provide you with the best essential oils, herbal and wellness tea, apothecary tea, plant-based skincare and haircare, tinctures, double extracts, tonics and bitters, hydrosols, and carrier oils on the market as well as in store, from our sister company, Crushed Botanicals Apothecary.

I understand the importance of credibility and quality can be when shopping for products for oneself and family. At Crushed Botanicals Apothecary, you can shop with confidence that they products that you are purchasing are hand-selected and every product has been tested by an herbalist with over 16 years of experience. I've spent years learning everything about the personal and clinical use of herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, and one of the most important things is healing quality. We can custom blend you an herbal tea or extract/tincture/tonics at your request.

Crushed Botanicals Apothecary specializes in certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted botanicals perfect for formulating a wide range of herbal remedies to support wellness, can address specific wellness challenges and issues, and enhance the body's optimal functions.

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