Our hand-blended medicinal herbal tisane this organic tea can assist you with the discomfort and symptoms associated with allergy season. Refreshingly cool and minty with citrus undertones. This tea helped me to stop using allergy medication every day. I had allergies so severe that I couldn't even breathe and was constantly congested and sneezing from February until late summer. I used it and am completely free of medication now!

Ingredients: Organic Nettle leaf, Fennel seed, Lemongrass, Spearmint leaf, Calendula flowers, Wildcrafted Wild Cherry bark, Astragalus Root, Skullcap, Mullein, Ginger, Elderflowers, Feverfew, Echinacea, Turmeric, Cardamon, Tulsi, Peppermint leaf, Red Clover herb and blossoms, Lavender flowers, Blue Vervain, Cornflowers


Choose from a loose-leaf bag or a sampler pack!


1.5 oz (approx. 20 cups)

3 oz (approx. 50 cups)

6 oz (approx. 100 cups) depends on the size of the tea infuser you are using for your brewing. 

Brewing Instructions: Bring 8-12 oz. of water to a boil. Pour over a tea infuser or steep loose leaf for 8-10 minutes. Drink 1-2 cups daily for optimal results.


Bags are packaged in rice paper poly-lined bags. We recommended reusing or recycling packaging!


Allergy Ease Herbal Blend

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