t's time to face facts: you've got some nasty stuff going on. We all do, between using soap, tap water, and other cleaners on our faces, there is stuff that we don't want to mention. There's crust. Gunk. Maybe a blocked pore, maybe even a blackhead or two. No judge ment. We're only human here. Your face can be a lot to take on by yourself, without the benefit of magical face scrubby goodness. That's right. I said it. Magic. Because while it's common knowledge that dead sea clay is good, dead sea salt, epsom salt, and poppy seeds are good, combine all FOUR and you made voodoo. The good kind. Not the burn down your house or mess up your enemies kind-- well, unless your enemies are blackheads and face-crust. Take note that dea sea clay, while totally beneficial to one's complexion, is not the most incredibly wonderful smelling stuff known to mankind. This face scrub smells little like lavender, a little like low tide. Not gonna sugar coat it. 100% natural - 4 ounce double wall bail jar with hinged lid.  None of our products are ever tested on animals- Preservative-free- All Natural - 

The Ritual

Gently massage into wet skin to exfoliate and to leave your skin soft, smooth, and supple.


I have been studying herbs and creating herbal apothecary items for over 21 years. I create everything with loving intention and healing energy.

I use the finest ingredients I can find for my body care products. Organic and local as much as possible. A lot of the herbs are grown and/or wild crafted from right here in North Georgia. I only use herbs and essential oils to add fragrance - no chemical fragrance oils.

All body care and apothecary products are created in small batches by hand and can be custom blended to your specifications. Message me for details.

Descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. All pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a physician before using anything new.

Clay and Dead Sea Salt

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