Product Features

  • High performance 365 nm ultraviolet LED
  • Compact, portable design for easy storage and use
  • Waterproof standard IP-65 protects the unit from accidental water immersion
  • Ergonomic knurling pattern offers a comfortable yet secure grip
  • Polished reflector emits excellent beam shape
  • Includes lanyard
  • Available Belt Holster (sold separately)

Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF Click switch in tail cap
  • Battery one 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected or unprotected)
  • Output - see description below
  • Dimensions 4 5/8" long x 15/16" diameter
  • Weight 81g w/o the battery


This High Performing LED flashlight is custom made for Way Too Cool, LLC by the same factory that makes the other Convoy S2+ UV flashlights. Our Vendor Way Too Cool, LLC is the exclusive distributor of this product in the USA.

This flashlight is available in two versions: a 6-watt (grey body) version and a 4 watt (black body) version. Both lights use a high quality LG ultraviolet 365nm LED (LEUVA33U70RL00). They are a favorite among fluorescent gem, rock and mineral collectors for their portable size and excellent UV output.


The S2+ 6-watt (gray body) is driven with forward current of 1750 mA, so the wattage is about 6, and the radiant flux is approximately 3W. The other 3 watts of energy is dissipated as heat. This is approximately THREE TIMES the amount of UV as the original Convoy S2+ flashlight that had the Nichia LED. This LED is not only stronger, but more efficient.


Built to Waterproof Standard IP-65, the unit is safe from accidental water immersion, the Ergonomic Knurling Pattern offers a comfortable, secure grip, and the reflector emits excellent beam shape. The flashlight has an ON/OFF Click switch in the tail cap, and it has a Lanyard. The power supply is one 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected or unprotected). Dimensions: 4 5/8" long x 15/16" diameter. Weight is about 81g w/o the battery.


The reflector focuses the UV output to an intense, but smooth "spot" with a range of 10 meters or more for finding specimens up close or quite far away. The intensity of the beam is strong enough to cause fluorescence in materials that do not fluoresce very well under the normal UV A tubes used in standard UV lamp fixtures.

A holster can be purchased as an accessory. 


The Convoy S2+ lights feature outstanding output, even during prolonged runtime. We conducted a comparison of the original Convoy light, our 4-watt S2+, and our 6-watt S2+. Each light was positioned such that the beam would shine into a tank full of tonic water. This helps to illustrate the distance of the beam. Interval photos were taken for a period of 30 minutes, during which time the lights ran continuously. As you can see from the photos, output from the 6-watt S2+ remains impressive, even after 30 minutes of runtime (not recommended)

Convoy S2+ 6 Watts