A custom blend of herbal extracts prepared by an herbalist with over 17 years of experience in healing and holistic medicine. 


All of our raw materials are of the highest quality and are organic or wildcrafted where possible. Our herbal liquids are prepared using a cold percolation method which ensures minimal processing and preserves the therapeutic compounds within the herb.

Ingredients: Your choice of up to 5 different herbs
1ml = 1000mg of dried/fresh herb
Adult dosage range: 5-10mls daily.
Dosages vary depending on individual circumstances.
+ FREE small measuring cup for easy dosing.

Custom Blended Herbal Tincture

PriceFrom $24.95
  • Our tinctures and extracts come in dark amber glass bottles with droppers under 8 oz (mist sprayers upon request). Do not use during pregnancy (may cause uterine colic). Large amounts can irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach; this can lead to nausea and vomiting. Keep the tincture in a dark, cool place. This has a shelf life of 1 to 2 years.