Mullein ear oil... Mullein is known for its ability to soothe and heal ear infections and Garlic is naturally a powerful anti-bacterial. Blended with Lavender essential oil..also traditionally used for its soothing anti-bacterial properties. Vegan friendly

Directions for use:
Can be used straight from bottle, but is more comfortable when warmed slightly first. Can be warmed gently in warm water bath on stove or placed in microwave with dropper removed for 10-15 seconds. WARNING..DO NOT OVERHEAT! The ear canal is a sensitive area and can be burned easily!
Apply 5-10 drops in AM and PM into ear. Massage gently..wiping away excess


Contains: grapeseed oil infused with mullein leaves and flowers, elephant garlic cloves, lavender buds, and rosemary

Ear Oil with mullein & garlic 1 oz