Botanical Name: Chelidonium majus
Common Names: Garden celandine, great celandine, jewelweed, quick-in-hand, snap weed
Origin: Croatia

Chelidonium majus is an herbaceous perennial commonly referred to as celandine or greater celandine. Native to Europe and western Asia, the plant is now naturalized in North America. Celandine is a member of the poppy family with pinnate leaves and small, yellow, four-petaled flowers. It has been utilized in traditional European herbalism for centuries and is typically prepared as a topical application, extract, or infusion.

Celandine has an odd and unpleasant odor and a bitter, pungent taste. The word celandine is a corruption of the Greek word Chelidon, which translates as "a swallow". This refers to the tradition of Chelidonium, which says that the herb blooms when the swallows arrive and fade when they depart.

The folklore surrounding celandine states that when burned as incense, celandine is said to be protective and confusing to one’s enemies and reputed to keep away both witches and the police.

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Greater Celandine Herb

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