Lapis Lazuli Heart, Velvet Bag, Metaphysical Properties


Metaphysical Properties

Lapis Lazuli:
*Wisdom, Truth, Awareness, Acceptance, Intuition and Psychic Ability
*Royalty, Honor, Power
*Enhance Respect and Compassion
*Represents the Stars and Heaven
*Inner peace, Freedom from Negative Thought
*Allows for Self-Expression without Holding Back or Compromising
*Excellent Stone for Executives, Journalists, and Psychologists
*Stimulates Good Judgment
*Aids Intellectual Analysis in Archaeologists and Historians
*Problem Solving for Lawyers, and Creates New Ideas for Inventors and Writers
*Activates the Higher Mind and Enhancing Intellectual Ability
*Stimulates the Desire for Knowledge, Truth and Understanding
*Aids the Process of Learning and Enhancing Memory
*Encourages Honesty of the Spirit, and in the Spoken and Written Word and for All Forms of Deep Communication
*Friendship and Harmony in Relationships
*Calm and Loving Communication for a Home with Temperamental Teenagers, Children with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, or Attention-Deficit Disorder
*Fame in a Creative or Public Performance-Related Area, Carry to Auditions
*Attracts Promotion, Success and Lasting Recognition in Your Field
*Grace, Sensitivity and Tenderness
*Blocks Psychic Attacks
*Visionary Stone and Helps Recognize Past Life Connections
*Release Suppressed Emotions and Repressed Anger
*Activates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

Lapis Luzuli Natural Stone Hearts