Premium Yerba Santa, Blue Sage,& wild Lavender smudge sticks
3+ Inch wand
Yerba Santa leaf, the holy herb, is used for ceremonies with focus on protection, love, peace, setting personal boundaries, and personal growth. It can also be used with intervention for empowerment, beauty, and the release of emotional pain stored in the heart chakra.
Blue sage, also known as Grandmother Sage, is used for cleansing, purification, healing and preparation for magical & divination work.
Wild Lavender/Lavender Sage is known for its calming, peaceful, and sedating effects. It inspires love and relieves anxiety. Because of its irresistible scent and natural beauty, it's a great choice for your spells of attraction. 

Color may vary and browning may occur during the drying process
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California White Sage
-Cleansing Purification

Black Sage (Mugwort)
-Dreams Visions

Blue Sage
-Money Healing Abundance

Blue Sage with White Sage

Desert Sage
- Psychic/ Spiritual work

Red Sage
- Energy Cleansing, Consecration

Wild Lavender
- Love Happiness Protection

-Confidence Strength

Yerba Santa
- Self Love Growth

-Return to Sender, Concentration

-Banish negativity, Peace

- Positivity, Clearing, Healing

Always use in a well ventilated area. A door or a window should be open to allow smoke and negative energies to be removed from the area and not be trapped.
Consult a doctor if you have or are prone to respiratory distress, asthma, allergies, or any other health condition.

Lavender, Blue Sage, & Yerba Santa