Stop putting chemicals on your skin! We have so many great products to choose from to keep you from using chemicals including our teas. This peppermint hand salve has plantain, st johns wort, comfrey leaf, pure mango butter, thyme, and unrefined shea butter.


Working with my hands on a daily basis, makes them get dried and chapped. Which led me to try my hand at making hand balms/lotion bars. I was already making soap, so I thought; why not make some type of lotion? I settled on making hand balms/lotion bars. They are in a tin, small and compact, last a long time, and are more moisturizing for my dry hands than the lotion I buy at the store.


Our salves are made by a Certified Herbalist, using traditional herbalist methods of steeping herbs in a south-facing window for 4-6 weeks in our North Georgia sunshine. This solar infusion method is the most effective way to extract the healing properties from the herbs.

Comes in a tin that is available in 2 or 4 oz. 

To Use: Apply to skin as needed. Consistent use equals the best results, use at least once a day, a few times a day is better. Apply heat as needed with a heating pad after applying to the skin for even better results.

I have been studying herbs and creating herbal apothecary items for over 17 years. I create everything with loving intention and healing energy.

I use the finest ingredients I can find for my body care products. Organic and local as much as possible. A lot of the herbs are grown and/or wildcrafted in North Georgia and I only use herbs and essential oils to add fragrance - no chemical fragrance oils.

All body care and apothecary products are created in small batches by hand to ensure their authenticty. 

Descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. All pregnant women should consult a doctor before using anything new.

Peppermint Hand Salve

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