WHAT ARE HYDROSOLS AND HOW DO YOU USE THEM? Hydrosols are very versatile in use. They are commonly used in facial care as facial toner and mist. They are produced from the pure steam distillation of the plant's aromatics, making them available for soul work through aromatherapy. Many of our customers use our hydrosols in their product lines to create skincare products, aromatherapy products, and perfumes. Hydrosols are very shelf-stable if stored in a dry, temperature-regulated place that is away from direct light. They last for years. We have rosemary, cucumber, rose, hyssop, witch hazel, calendula, jasmine, mugwort, lemon balm, and peppermint.


It is fantastic as a daily skin toner, for emotional uplift, on bug bites and other itchy skin, as a makeup remover, room or linen spray. Rose water is an excellent ingredient when making lotions, soaps, sprays as well as many other applications. We use ours in our rose skin creme along with the essential oil that is distilled along with this floral water.


All of our Hydrosols are 100% Natural Pure Organically Sourced, Steam Distilled, Floral Mists, Facial Toner, Cleanser, and are Non-GMO.