Each piece is a natural stone carved into this shape. The stone may have slight imperfections because they are natural materials. Ruby Fuchsite is a naturally occurring mineral of Green Fuchsite and Ruby. Ruby is a variety of corundum, while Fuchsite is a chrome-based mica. This combination of stones was only recently discovered and is only found in southern India.


Metaphysical:The energies of the combined ruby fuchsite offer a strong self-reflection and emotion support during trying times. The ruby that offers endless strength and courage, combined with the nourishing and relaxing vibrations of the fuchsite, may immediately be felt. Ruby Fuchsitealso enhances our ability to communicate with the spirit realm.

How Do Healing Crystals And Stones Work?

The crystals emit certain frequencies of the minerals which compose them. Crystals are made of the following minerals, beryllium, calcium carbon, copper, fluorine, hydrogen, iron, manganese, oxygen, potassium, phosphorous, sulfur, sodium, silicon, tin, zirconium, zinc, etc. This compound nature of crystals is almost similar to the chemicals found in the human body. The crystal's electromagnetic field influences the environment in a quiet way. They emit electromagnetic energy which impacts the electrochemical nature of the human body.

The best way to use crystals would be to wear them on the body. Joints in the human body are naturally the most active parts of the body where a network of nerve fibers and lymphatic fluid are concentrated. The crystal energy will be well absorbed when worn on joints and disturbed across the human body.

These are made of natural stones and handmade so it's natural all sets are not uniform in color and sizes but they'll mostly be as shown in the picture above.

Ruby Fuchsite Tower