First off, don't be scared of oils! They are given a bad wrap, but in all reality, they assist so many skin conditions! I chose oils that are fast absorbing and lightweight. Start off with a couple of drops, easy peasy!

I have always been the crazy girl in the aisles at the store reading the product labels and researching ingredients. After struggling to find a facial oil that was nourishing enough for my dry skin and beneficial to my aging, sensitive, and acne-prone skin type. This oil is great for anyone, any age. I know the potency of each oil and exactly what is in the bottle.

I squirt a couple of drops in my hand along with my moisturizer, then apply them both to my face. You can use the oil alone or in combo with your favorite products!

* All oils are safe for acne-prone and skin and will not clog pores. Great for Eczema sufferers!
Fragrance-free and no added preservatives. This product can be used anywhere on the body.


*Our serums are used to treat specific skin complaints and can be used alone or with moisturizers or creams. Apply a few drops by massaging into the face, neck, and decollete. Pay special attention to the skin where the problem you are trying to correct is. If additional moisturizer is needed or desired, apply after the serum is used.

Available in 2 oz bottles with a dropper



  • Please contact me if there is a problem with your item before shipping it back. Some cases may be eligible for refund or exchange, some may not. My goal is a happy relationship with my customers, so I will strive to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.