• It is the perfect companion for your afternoon tea. Adorable unicorn shape is also a plus to your kitchen
  • Awesome little tea filter, works great and great looking. It's a good size, the holes are quite small so very little of the tea leaves escape
  • Just load his silicone shell with loose tea leaves, perch him in your cup, and watch him relax as he does all the work
  • The cute unicorn tea strainer is manufactured well in that it is easily cleaned, disassembled and reassembled
  • Unique leaf diffuser is made of pure, food grade, silicon rubber that can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees F to 450 degrees F


  • LSR Platinum Silicone
  • Eco minded to eliminate tea bags
  • Strains loose tea leaves
  • Whimsical design

Unicorn Tea Infuser