For healing and protection. Eucalyptus has the powerful ability to remove negative energies from its immediate surroundings while also creating a temporary barrier, making this smudge ideal to use before any ritual or magickal practice. It’s perfect for cleansing your altar tools as well. Cleanse with eucalyptus for protection, relieving mental exhaustion and healing emotional wounds caused by regret. It is especially useful to cleanse a space after conflicts when negative energy has built up making it an excellent herb to use when someone or something is bothering you. Eucalyptus gently creates a barrier without attacking or constraining others.It will counteract stagnant and negative energy. We have other options!

California White Sage
-Cleansing Purification

Black Sage (Mugwort)
-Dreams Visions

Blue Sage
-Money Healing Abundance

Blue Sage with White Sage

Desert Sage
- Psychic/ Spiritual work

Red Sage
- Energy Cleansing, Consecration

Wild Lavender
- Love Happiness Protection

-Confidence Strength

Yerba Santa
- Self Love Growth

-Return to Sender, Concentration

-Banish negativity, Peace

- Positivity, Clearing, Healing

Always use in a well ventilated area. A door or a window should be open to allow smoke and negative energies to be removed from the area and not be trapped.
Consult a doctor if you have or are prone to respiratory distress, asthma, allergies, or any other health condition.

White Sage & Eucalyptus 8"